The L.M. Montgomery Reader: 3 volume Set

The L.M. Montgomery Reader: 3 volume Set

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Edited by Benjamin Lefebvre
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2015
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ISBN 9781487500856
Published Nov 2015

A tremendous resource for fans and scholars alike, the three-volume The L.M. Montgomery Reader gathers together a captivating selection of material, much of it recently rediscovered, on the life, work, and critical reception of one of Canada’s most enduringly popular authors.

Collecting material on Montgomery’s life (Volume One), her critical reputation (Volume Two), and reviews of her books (Volume Three), leading Montgomery scholar Benjamin Lefebvre traces the interplay between the author and the critic, as well as between the private and the public Montgomery. Each volume includes an extensive introduction and detailed commentary on the documents that provides the context for these primary sources, many of them freshly unearthed from archives and digital collections and never before published in book form.

Benjamin Lefebvre, PhD, lives in Waterloo, Ontario, and is director of L.M. Montgomery Online. His previous publications include an edition of L.M. Montgomery's rediscovered final book, The Blythes Are Quoted.

“Lefebvre has uncovered a cache of new, important material in an already impressive and crowded field of Montgomery scholarship. His sensitive editing of the material brings the public side of Montgomery into better focus as she fields endless questions about how she became a writer, how Anne came to be and whether or not she was a real girl and what the author thought of young women in her day. [This book will] deepen our knowledge and understanding of this beloved Canadian icon.”

Laurie Glenn Norris, Telegraph-Journal (Saint John, NB)

“While Lefebvre’s The L.M. Montgomery Reader is a vital resource of primary sources from and secondary assessments of one of Canada’s most popular twentieth-century authors, it is his insightful and knowledgeable analysis that shapes and gives meaning to the collection. The depth of his knowledge results in a work that is as comprehensible as it is comprehensive.”

Andre Narbonne, American Review of Canadian Studies

“With this volume, Lefebvre broadens our understanding of Montgomery’s reception and reputation both within Canada and internationally, unearthing previously obscure content and commentary and making it accessible to a far wider audience. This reader will thus prove a valuable resource to both existing and future scholars of Montgomery’s work and life, as well as those fans keen for a little more insight into the ever-elusive figure of L.M. Montgomery.”

Sarah Galletly, British Journal of Canadian Studies

“This comprehensive volume (with its two companions) forms a treasure trove of previously unavailable material; it will be of interest to scholars of Canadian and world literature and possibly to true admirers of Anne of Green Gables and its author.”

Barbara L. Talcroft, Children's Literature LLC

“Lefebvre has thoroughly mined earlier scholars’ bibliographies and online newspaper archives to find reviews in periodicals from eight different countries, including the Bookman (London), the Globe (Toronto) and Vogue (New York). . . . Collectively, these reviews . . . represent a superb barometer of [Montgomery’s] fluctuating cultural value as a writer.”

Irene Gammel, The Times Literary Supplement

‘Lefebvre’s archival research is thorough and often brilliant, making the Reader an invaluable trove not only for Montgomery scholars but also for those working with the reception history of Canadian writers.’

Anne Furlong, University of Toronto Quarterly vol 84:03:2015

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