The Making of a Generation: The Children of the 1970s in Adulthood

The Making of a Generation: The Children of the 1970s in Adulthood

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Lesley Andres and Johanna Wyn

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Published Oct 2010
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Secondary school graduates of the late 1980s and early 1990s have found themselves coping with economic insecurity, social change, and workplace restructuring. Drawing on studies that have recorded the lives of young people in two countries for over fifteen years, The Making of a Generation offers unique insight into the hopes, dreams, and trajectories of a generation.

Although children born in the 1970s were more educated than ever before, as adults they entered new labour markets that were de-regulated and precarious. Lesley Andres and Johanna Wyn discuss the consequences of education and labour policies in Canada and Australia, emphasizing their long-term impacts on health, well-being, and family formation. They conclude that these young adults bore the brunt of policies designed to bring about rapid changes in the nature of work. Despite their modest hopes and aspirations for security, those born in the 1970s became a vanguard generation as they negotiated the significant social and economic transformations of the 1990s.

Lesley Andres is a professor in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia.

Johanna Wyn is a professor in Education and director of the Youth Research Centre at the University of Melbourne.

1. Introduction
2. Concepts and Theories: Understanding Generation and Change
3. Policy Issues: Managing Transitions
4. Young People: Hopes, Dreams, and Realities
5. Education: Changing Structures and Changing Opportunities
6. Work: Experiences and Priorities
7. Relationships: People and Life
8. Health: Achieving a Balance
9. Implications: A New Adulthood
10. Reflections of Two Longitudinal Researchers
'Insightful, revealing, and rewarding, The Making of a Generation engages with young people's lives across a range of spheres—from education, work, and health, to relationships, youth lifestyles, and life patterns. Leslie Andres and Johanna Wyn speak to those fascinated by the notion of generation and its links to social complexity and change. This valuable study takes a holistic approach to the examination of how people live their lives.'

Jane Kenway, Faculty of Education, Monash University