The Trial of Tempel Anneke: Records of a Witchcraft Trial in Brunswick, Germany, 1663, Second Edition

The Trial of Tempel Anneke: Records of a Witchcraft Trial in Brunswick, Germany, 1663, Second Edition

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By Peter A. Morton
Translated by Barbara Dähms
University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division © 2017
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240 Pages
ISBN 9781442634879
Published Jan 2017
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The Trial of Tempel Anneke examines documents from an early modern European witchcraft trial with the pedagogical goal of allowing students to interact directly with primary sources. A brief historiographical essay has been added, along with eleven civic records, including regulations about sorcery, Tempel Anneke's marital agreement, and court salaries, which provide an even clearer picture of life in seventeenth-century Europe. Maps of Harxbüttel and the Holy Roman Empire and lists of key players enable easy reference.
Peter A. Morton is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Humanities at Mount Royal University.

Barbara Dähms is a translator.

List of Illustrations


Preface to the First Edition 

Preface to the Second Edition  


I. Historical Background

II. Understanding the Text

III. Lists of People

IV. Historiographical Essay

V. Suggestions for Further Reading

The Trial of Tempel Anneke (1663)

Document A

Document B

Document C

Folios 1-45

Supplementary Civic Records

Record 1. Excerpt from the Civic Regulations (Polizeiordnung) of Brunswick (seventeenth century)

Record 2. Marital Agreement between Hans Kage and Anna Roleffes, June 1620

Record 3. Marital Agreement between Jürgen Roleffes and Anna Marvese, June 1655

Record 4. The Licence of Hans Harves (Tempel Hans) for the Fishery, House, and Beer Sale at the Tempel Hof, 1658

Record 5. The Arrest of Tempel Anneke, June 1663: Excerpt from the Testimony in the Trial of Lücke Behrens for Witchcraft, Brunswick, 1672

Record 6. Court Salaries, 1663

Record 7. Excerpts from the Prisoner Accounts Books, 1663-64

Record 8. Agreement between Hennig Roleffes of Wenden and Jürgen Roleffes of Harxbüttel, March 1664

Record 9. Marital Agreement between Hennig Buhmann and Maria Kage, and Buhmann’s Tenancy Oath, 1670-71

Record 10. The Later Affairs of Hennig Roleffes of Wenden, 1677-78


A. Glossary of Latin Terms

B. Index of Herbs and Medicinal Ingredients




No other single volume about early modern witchcraft contains so many elements useful for the classroom. The core of the first edition of this book has been augmented in the second edition by an expanded historical background section, a historiographical essay, and new documents that shed more light on the case and the people involved.

Carrie E. Euler, Central Michigan University

The Trial of Tempel Anneke encourages students to come up with their own ideas. While the editors have arranged the documents to encourage students to ask certain types of questions, they do not push a particular line of argument. The new historiographical essay will empower students to find the right questions to ask.

Gary R. Kates, Pomona College

The second edition of The Trial of Tempel Anneke provides even more invaluable documentary depth and historical detail. The ease of access to this rare dossier makes a welcome research and teaching resource, allowing deeper insight into the complex social and legal layers of a witchcraft trial in its larger cultural context.

Leslie K. Hayes, University of Toronto