War X: Human Extensions in Battlespace

War X: Human Extensions in Battlespace

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by Tim Blackmore
Digital Futures
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2005
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258 Pages 21 Images
ISBN 9781442613881
Published Nov 2011
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Published Nov 2005
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Are we afraid of war? Has the advancement of military technology created a mindset of invincibility on the battlefield? In War X, Tim Blackmore argues that the technology of warfare has essentially erased the human body from battlespace. The result is a physical and psychological distance between humanity and bloodshed. As the machinery of war develops, and as advances are made in the biological sciences, war becomes increasingly palatable - attractive, even - resulting in a sanitized murder culture in which war is anticipated and viewed with little anxiety.

Blackmore makes connections between human beings in battle and the very different world of weapons manufacturers, finding between the two a romance of war technology. Using popular science fiction literature and film, personal war narratives, biographies, and military imagery, he explores the human body in war, the ways in which soldiers imagine themselves superhuman - posthuman - protected by the armour of muscles and steel, tanks and helicopters, robotics and remote control.

War X is an explosive introduction to the discussion of modern warfare and a timely consideration of industrial warfare as it is unfolding even now in Iraq and Afghanistan, and as it might be in the future, with new weapon development. It is also a deliberation on the startling world of new weapon development, and the indescribable future of war that beckons.

Tim Blackmore is an associate professor in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario.

Introduction: Why X
1. Crawling Flesh: The Infant Comes to Battle
2. Breathing Metal: Armour Suited for War
3. Heavy Tread: On Track for Battle
4. Rotor Hearts: The Helicopter as War's Pacemaker
5. Dead Slow: Loitering in Battlespace
6. Wastage: War after War

‘Tim Blackmore’s War X is a groundbreaking, mind-altering book: an expose of runaway government and corporate militarism, and the dehumanising affect of military technology. With stunning clarity, energy, intelligence, technological mastery, human understanding, and expositional elegance, what Blackmore describes is not the future; it is the present – and the vision is both hypnotic and chilling. War X should be required reading for every citizen whose country participates in the global culture of militarism and twenty-first-century weapons development. I just can’t say how much my own eyes were opened and my own mind was blown by this book.’

Philip D. Beidler, Department of English, University of Alabama