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Desk Copies

Once a text has been adopted for course use, a desk copy can be issued, upon request, to the professor.

Desk copy requests must include the book's ISBN and title, the instructor's name and mailing address, the course code and/or title, the estimated enrollment, course start date, and name of bookstore where the order has been placed.

You may request a desk copy in several ways:

  1. If you are requesting a desk copy of a book you have previously downloaded as an Electronic Examination Copy, please place a request by following the "Request a Desk Copy" link beside the book listed on your "Exam Copy Library" page. You will need to log in with your email address and your exam copy account password.
  2. If you are an administrator requesting a desk copy on behalf of faculty OR if you have not previously received an examination copy of the book you have adopted, you can do so by visiting the examination copy system:
    Find the book in question in our online catalogue.
    Click on the blue "Request an Exam/Desk Copy" button.
    Follow the instructions in the webpages that follow. You will be able to choose between a physical or an electronic desk copy.
  3. Email or fax your request to: Faxes must come on an official letterhead and email requests must come from a valid university or college email address.
  4. If you would like to request a book published by another press but distributed by the University of Toronto Press Distribution Centre, please contact the book's publisher directly or email UTP Distribution at utpbooks@utpress.utoronto.ca. Please be sure to provide the book's title and ISBN.

Most books are delivered across North America within 7 to 15 business days. International requests may take longer depending on location.