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Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for Proposals Under Contract

We are pleased to work with you in bringing your manuscript through to publication. If you have a book under contract and are ready to submit the final draft, please follow these sets of instructions. This section contains instructions for preparing and submitting your manuscript for the copyediting and production phases of publication at UTP. The instructions were designed for manuscripts written using Word (preferred) or WordPerfect programs. Your manuscript must meet the following requirements:
  • Manuscript Assembly Complete
  • Permissions Have Been Obtained
    • Reprinting of any copyrighted illustrations and text (beyond the limit of fair dealing/use) is the author's responsibility and requires written permission from the copyright holder. Permission must be obtained for any tables, figures, graphs, drawings, cartoons, maps, or other images reproduced from another source, block quotations in excess of 300 words, and all poetry and song lyrics. No permission is needed for material in the public domain or brief quotes that constitute fair dealing/use. Permission must be received before your book can proceed into production.
    • Sample request for permissions
  • Illustrations Meet Quality Standards

You will need to submit the following materials:

  • Manuscript
  • Electronic files for manuscript text on CD or DVD (email may be acceptable—contact your editor)
    • Separate files for text body, tables, and illustration captions.
    • All illustrations.
    • Content list of CD or DVD.
    • Please indicate which version of Word you are using.
  • Electronic files for all digital illustrations on CD or DVD
    • These must be .eps or .tif files.
    • Each illustration must be a separate file.
  • Hard copy printout of entire manuscript with illustrations & tables inserted in position.
  • Hard copy set of illustration captions
  • Hard copy duplicate set of tables
  • Two hard copies of all illustrations
    • Any photographs, charts, transparencies, or slides.
    • Clearly labelled referencing location in manuscript.
  • Permissions Documentation
    • We must have copies of any correspondence from rights-holders you have contacted including signed permission letters. They must be submitted at the same time as your final manuscript.

Are you ready to send us your manuscript materials?

Please complete and include the Author Checklist when you submit your final manuscript to the Press. If you are unable to provide any relevant items, please discuss these with your acquisition editor. Please send electronic forms and materials to your acquiring editor.

Contact UTP acquisition editors

Thank you! We look forward to working with you on your book.